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About Dean

Dean was born and raised in Sydney. From an early age he had a strong interest in sport which led to a career in professional Rugby League. Injuries sustained while playing and a consequent reduction in physical function at the age of 25 prevented him from pursuing his career further. In the ensuing years, Dean investigated many different forms of therapy to try to straighten his body out and regain proper function. It was at this time that he was introduced to rolfing “structural integration” by a friend. The results were outstanding and his body had improved to the point where he was convinced rolfing worked like nothing he had tried before.

Inspired by this unique form of manual therapy, Dean gained qualification as a “Certified rolfing practitioner” at the original school of structural integration in Boulder, Colorado USA. Dean has helped professional footballers, Commonwealth games athletes and people from all walks of life achieve relief and improvement through his Rolfing. Dean is extremely committed to helping people get the best out of their bodies in return improving their quality of life.

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