Rolfing is exceptionally beneficial in treating neck pain and headaches. Stiff necks and muscle tension are easily relieved with our techniques, which glide through and release tissues, which are stuck to other soft tissues and the edges of bones. Pain is often caused by muscular pulls that twist and compact the neck. When we release the pain in your neck and head, blood will flow freely and allow greater movement and flexibility. This can feel amazing when it happens. There are many different types of headaches from low level often every day, to the severe migraines that can be so debilitating. Causes can be associated with muscle tension, imbalances in the structures of the neck, build-up of toxicity in the system, or other systemic problems that are occurring in our system.

How can Rolfing Help?

Although integrating your alignment will help in the long term to improve your health and wellbeing, we are concerned here with releasing muscle tension from around your head, neck, shoulders, spine, and re-establishing proper balance of neck and spine so that your head sits in a relaxed manner on top of your shoulders. Not tilted, twisted or compressed. Personally I have never had a client with a tension headache syndrome who has not been helped. Often these people have fairly constant low level pain occasionally escalating in severity. Their problem is almost always found in severe tension of neck and shoulder muscles together with some imbalance of the neck.

Why choose Rolfing for headaches

Rolfing is a natural approach for the treatment of headaches. No drugs or jerky neck manipulations. Once we make an assessment of your body structures and determine what is most likely causing your problem, we use slow stretching around the joints of your body to allow it to return to a more balanced state. We are looking for quick symptom relief and long term stability and balance.