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Lasting Relief From Pain

Most people when in pain or discomfort search out a therapist who will work in the area of pain. This is understandable. The results often only give temporary relief which leaves them feeling frustrated and wondering why things are not improving. It is at this point when a broader picture of what is happening is necessary to get the results that are desired. A rolfer understands that pain in certain areas is often the result of other areas of the body compensating for an imbalance of some sort which then transmits to a particular spot in the body. In many cases a disorganised pelvis, legs or feet are often the main sources of back and neck pain. Let’s for example say you have pain in your neck. After assessment there is indication that your pelvis is pulled forward. This then forces you to compensate all the way down to your feet holding that shift in weight all the way back up to your neck resulting in pain in your neck. A rolfing series is designed to approach the body as a whole bringing each body segment into proper relationship with the whole in turn eliminating these common ailments so often detracting from one’s quality of life.

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